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Drinking Chocolate Pucks

Drinking Chocolate Pucks

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Rich and Earthy Guatemalan drinking chocolate, packaged in a kraft paper sleeve. This product is made of only two ingredients : Cocoa beans and local honey from my precious bees.

Chocolate was originally enjoyed by the indigenous peoples of Central America and instead of eating chocolate, they would drink it, typically with chilis.

Today we mostly drink hot cooca which is nice, but it is made with cocoa powder and lots of sugar, leaving out the luscious fatty cocoa butter.

The Drinking Chocolate Sleeve consists of eight individually portioned 'pucks' which can be conveniently popped into your mug and blended with a hot beverage of your choice : Hot water, milk or coffee or tea. 


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Net weight = 175 grams / 6.1 ounces (8 pieces)


How to prepare : Place a puck in your mug, cover with hot water 180-200 degrees. Let it steep for a few minutes. Blend with a frother, spoon, molinillo, etc. Add the remaining water/espresso shot, milk, etc. Enjoy!



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